4 Ways To Get Physically Fit In May


The month of May is known for quite a few things like Memorial Day and fantastic weather but did you know May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month? Since this time of year is filled with sunnier weather and ideal outdoor conditions, it only makes sense to get outside and work on your fitness. And with summer just around the corner, wouldn’t you like to drop a few pounds before jumping into your bathing suit? Check out these 4 ways to get physically fit in May!

Circuit Training

Give your whole body a workout by creating your own circuit training exercise routine that is similar to those popular video-based bootcamp style workouts. Things like jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, sit-up and high knees are things you can do at no cost to you! Perform each exercise for one to two minutes with rest in between as needed. Once you’ve completed your first set, repeat it all over another time or two and you’ll start building muscle and burning fat.

Team Sports

Since the month also calls for national sports month, consider joining a recreational or intramural team to play your favorite sport. It’ll give you something fun to do and be a great workout in itself! The best thing about joining a sports team is that you get to interact with others, foster friendships and not even realize you’re working out because of the enjoyment.

Participate in Triathlons

Dan Valentine triathlon raceCombine swimming, biking and running into one event and you have a triathlon. Participating in a triathlon gives your entire body a workout from head to toe and you can typically find dozens of these events around your local area with a simple search. You may even find triathlons that give participants a reason to race like raising awareness for a specific health condition or contributing to a good cause. Avid triathlon participant Dan Valentine has raced in numerous triathlons that have supported various good causes and says that it’s a redeeming feeling once you cross the finish line.


Due to the consistent and favorable weather, hiking with a group of friends can challenge your body and reward your eyes as you explore nature. Find scenic hiking trails near your home and take a stroll to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Your calves and legs might feel a little sore after the first trip but once you regularly trek the trail, it’ll become easier and increase your endurance and stamina.


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