Top 5 Benefits Of Having A Dog


Dan Valentine's dogMany would agree that having a pet really makes life a little more enjoyable because you’ll always have your furry friend around. Now there’s always going to be that endless debate on which pet to have, specifically a cat or a dog, but at any rate, adding a dog to your family is a solid choice. Dogs are fun companions to have around because each and every one of them will have their own unique personality that we will fall in love with. With that being said, check out the top five benefits of having a dog!

1. Improves Your Mood

Research from the University of Missouri-Columbia found that dogs make an incredible emotional connection with their owner and hormonal changes occur when they interact with each other. The results from the study showed that serotonin levels increased which are the ‘feel good’ hormones when a person spent a few minutes petting their canine. Researchers also suggested that dogs could help people cope with stress and depression disorders.

2. Encourage Exercise

It’s without a doubt that dogs love to run and play which actually encourages you to exercise more often! When you have a dog, you’ll be able to take them on walks, run around with them and play a few games of fetch which serves double duty as your exercise. In fact, a study in 2010 from the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found dog owners walked about an hour more than non-dog owners.

3. The Perfect Social Segway

Dan Valentine mountain climbingAlmost everyone loves dogs and when you are out and about with your furry friend, you can bet they will make you become a little more social. Having a dog around can help some people get over shyness and increase social skills because passer-byers are more inclined to initiate conversation with a cute pooch by your side. And as an added benefit, you’ll always have the perfect companion to take on adventures because some dog owners like Dan Valentine takes his dog Sammy on mountain climbing trips!

4. Enhance Child Growth

Adding a dog to your family can help your children grow up a little healthier and stronger than growing up without one. A report from Science Daily shows that kids who grew up with dogs had fewer allergies and a reduced risk of developing eczema. This suggests that the kids grow up with higher levels of immune system supports that help keep them a little healthier with their furry friend around.

 5. Crime Deterrent

Dan ValentineHaving a dog by your side and in your home can actually keep you a little safer. This safety benefit is because dogs have a sense of their ‘pack’ or family and if they smell something or hear anything suspicious, you can bet they will alert you with a bark! And thieves are less likely to enter your home if they hear or see a dog.


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